More and more devices are powered by Li-ion batteries. E-mobility is becoming the norm.

Suppliers are already struggling to fulfill the growing demands for Lithium batteries.

Thats why we need to

every possible Lithium-ion battery available. And that is our mission at r4energy.

What we offer.


Send in your batteries! We have storage room with a surface area of 4.000 m2. There we review your Lithium-ion batteries and decide, what kind of measures will be taken.

Our analysis tools and staff give information about cell life span and possible damages.

What are reasons for battery failure?


Most batteries sent in by our customers can be fixed back to full capacity. The process of remanufacturing or repair is detrimental to prevent high costs resulting from unnecessary replacement.

We are experts in handling batteries and possess the needed precision and caution for working on different electronics.

How do we repair defective batteries?


Once your products have been analysed and repaired, it is time for you to reuse your batteries. Reusing is a great and highly cost-efficient way to be sustainable as a company.

We are happy to contribute to a world with less waste and help our partners become more green.

Who profits from reusing repaired batteries?


As Li-ion batteries are classified as special waste in most countries, recycling them requires specific knowledge & logistics.

We support our customers in case a battery cannot be repaired or is no longer needed. We also help you recover valuable components of your products.

Why is recycling more important than ever?

About r4energy

As a young & dynamic German-Chinese team we used our connections to overseas partners and their experience to create r4energy.

The market for Lithium-ion batteries has become opaque and volatile. We intend to change that.

Being sustainable and efficient to help manufacturers all over the world is our main goal. We also hope to have a positive effect on available resources on our planet.

Rare elements are being used to manufacture batteries – they need to be recycled by experts. Only then can they be reused efficiently and successfully.

Watch our short image video to get to know us.

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